The Significance of Directions in Vastu Shastra – Part 3


In continuation to our multi-part series where we talk about the significance of each direction, we shall now see the significance of each direction and the role it plays. This would help us better understand Vastu Shastra and why certain changes are recommended.

West (Paschim Disha)

The west is controlled by Lord Varuna or the Lord of the Waters. The planet that sits in this direction is Saturn and hence this direction is not considered auspicious. The lower abdomens of the Vastu Purush sit in this direction. Usually women seem to benefit a lot from this direction.

Items to be installed in this direction –

Overhead water tanks and staircases are advised in this direction.

Garage or workshed can also be installed in this direction.

Other recommendations –

Avoid keeping big doors or openings in the west. It is believed that solar energy is lost if big openings are present on the west of the house.

Rooms recommended in the north –

Toilets in the room should be on the west if possible.

South West (Nairuttya Disha)

The South West corner is known to be the area of the devil and is hence the most inauspicious part of the house. The area is associated with the planet Rahu and this part of the house or property must be left un-tilised.


Heavy objects and items of storage must be kept in this corner. The heavy weight helps bring down the negative impact of this area

During construction, all building materials must be kept in this corner

Within the kitchen, the fridge and other heavy items should be placed in this corner

In our next blog we shall discuss South and South East zones.

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