Plants and Vastu


Plants, flowers and saplings are often used to decorate the house and bring more peace. It helps us reconnect with nature, adds natural beauty to the house, brings down external noise levels from the streets, attracts birds and hence gives a warm feeling. We all like to decorate our houses using plants but doing so all the time may not necessarily be a good idea. Vastushastra has defined the types of plants that are acceptable to be placed inside the house and plants that are not. In this article, we will be throwing more light on the do’s and dont’s of placing plants around the house.


Flowering plants

Any flowering plant can be generally kept inside the house unless it has thorns or grows in the form of a creeper.

  1. Peace Lilies signify peace and harmony and can be used to brighten up a dull atmosphere
  2. Purple colour flowering plants signify wealth and hence bring prosperity
  3. Growing Lotus and Jasmine plants inside the house are considered very lucky



It is a strict NO to have creepers inside the house. Creepers can be grown outside the house in a garden but must not take the support of a wall or fence, it needs to be independent.

  1. Money plants are the only exception to this rule which can be grown within the house. However, inside the house too it needs to be independent and not grow using the support of walls or grills.


Thorny plants and cacti

Plants that usually have thorns and/or are a species of cacti, should not be kept inside the house. Thorns signify negative energy and can also be hazardous to children and other occupants of the premises. A rose bush is the only exception to this rule and it can be grown inside the house.


Bonsai plants

Bonsai plants should not be kept inside or outside the house. Since bonsai is maintained by restricting the growth of the plant, it can affect the life of the grower as well.


Fruit plants

It is usually difficult to grow plants that bear fruits since the plants are usually very large. Growing fruit-bearing plants outside the house is not a problem. Growing a lemon plant inside the house is considered to be very lucky.

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