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Why do we walk around the deity in a temple?



We have often seen others and our selves, walk around the temple after our prayer. This practice is not just done in temples but also other religious gatherings and festivals. So why do we have to take a certain number of rounds around a temple or holy fire?

This practice is based upon a scientific reasoning and not some blind faith. When a temple is established and life is infused into the deity through proper Pran-Ppratishtha ceremony, divinity enters the deity. This is in the form of magnetic waves starting from the central point of the base of the deity.

This also has health benefits. The circle makes you physically fit, Vatta-Pitta-Kappa balances happen by inhaling the air. These positive vibrations are blessings that add to one’s strength and protects one from calamities and problems. The sound and the vibrations of the bell and the heat of the burnt camphor adds to the positivity of the place.

Hindus go around the deity in the temples in a clockwise direction. We always assume God is the centre of our existence and because we also assume that Lord is always on our right side. This reminds that we must always lead a righteous life, in the right path called Dharma. The Divine Halo moves clockwise. He also exists everywhere. So when we do Pradakshina or circumambulation, we accept that our actions and thoughts are always centred around God. The centre point is always fixed and remains the same at whatever distance we do the Pradakshina. So we are reminded of the eternal truth that God is the centre of gravity and the main focus of our existence. This is the main principle of Pradakshina.

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