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Perhaps you want to improve your focus on Studies.

  • The rising Sun is a source of enlightenment and the ultimate source of power. Vastushastra suggests to face Poorav disha (East zone) while studying i.e. the direction of the rising Sun.
  • Facing the Poorav disha (East zone) will help you reset your mind, making you alert and help you absorb, understand and assimilate the text being read from the book. You would become more focused on the subject and would be able to grasp the topic.
  • In order to remain focused it is advisable to keep the study desk clean and clear.
  • Avoid keeping unwanted things lying around and too many books lying un-necessarily on the desk.
  • Keep the Poorav disha (East zone) and Uttar disha (North zone) windows open for maximum time so that abundant Cosmic Energy flows into your room.
  • Do not sit below over-head beams or sharp cornered cabinets or open shelves.

Perhaps you might want to know more about the Vastushastra concept…. visit us at www.vastukripa.comVastu Tips for Study Desk

Small changes – Big Differences

You mudownloadst have seen how just getting a new haircut makes your day and how just a little more salt in the lunch spoils your mood. If you tell this to someone they might think you’re overreacting, but you’re the only one who understands how even the teeniest of things can make or break things.

Sometimes just getting a new painting in the living room brings more life to your house than getting the wall color changed. Sometimes, changing the bed cover can rejuvenate your house and getting a new bed won’t. Small changes in daily life can make bigger differences than you could think.

If you have big troubles going on in your household, and do not wish to go through the pain of renovating the house, you can make simpler, smaller and less costly changes to rectify things based on our online consultancy.

You are on a journey called ‘Life’. Thank God for everything….

Just imagine, you are going in a bus from Mumbai to Nasik. It’s hot and humid. During the journey, someone comes and offers you a glass of plain water. You quench your thirst and ‘Thank’ that person. Maybe in your humbleness you might ‘Thank’ him repeatedly.

Similarly, in this journey called ‘Life’. God keeps offering You many many things on a day to day basis. Have you ‘Thanked Him’ for for all the wonderful things He has blessed you with ? It’s never to late. Today is a good day to Thank Him. In a routine….Thank God for all that you have and all that you get.

Do the worldly duties with one hand and with the other hold on to God. Divine Connect Vedic Yantra Frame helps to create the Divine Connect.

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Thank God for all that you have…

Man in the mirror

This is the best person you have ever met who can make you smile and can keep you the happiest. If you keep this person happy, people around him will be happy as well. This person is the one you see in the mirror every day.

Happy-Relationship-Yantra1 A big part of keeping yourself happy is by keeping peace and harmony in your environment. When each and every part of your house sparkles with the light of happiness and content, your life ought to become a party. One of the best ways to keep harmony in your environment is keeping it full of positive energy. Positive  energy brings prosperity which is a big source of happiness.

So keep the man in the mirror happy by filling your home with happiness and positive energy with our Happy Relationship Yantra.


Life is like a Taxi…. the meter keeps ticking


Life is like a Taxi. The meter just keeps ticking whether you are getting somewhere or just standing still.

Time waits for nobody. Don’t just wait for things to happen and for things to change. It is imperative to be enthusiastic about your work and vigorously do things that might help to reach to your greatness.

Maybe the negative vibes in your properties are  creating hurdles in your life and business. Perhaps you would want to energize your home and work-place so that you are able to gain more and more of benefits that life has to offer

Crazy wall

Well, we have seen people make crazy walls in their factories saying it was recommended by someone to avoid losses. We have also seen small little two brick crazy walls inside homes to increase well-being. Now we’ve seen this – a wall with a two brick crazy wall behind it and yet they could not stop their loss.

With football craze set to start soon, don’t go crazy figuring out how to layout the walls in your factory or home. Call us and keep the crazy away to the footballers.

Every step you take, every move you make

It wont be watching you but it will definitely track your movements. Moves – a brilliantly simple and astonishingly accurate activity tracker app is our favorite activity tracker app. You don’t even have to turn it on. As long as you have your smartphone with you, it will do its job to perfection.


It has excellent location detection and tracking mechanism and its integration with Foursquare for location information is seamless. The use of stark monochrome icons is a visual delight. It looks simple but right from its main screen to the few inner screens it offers clean, clutter-free and simple design. It hides the complexity from the user and probably takes it upon itself to count the steps and calculates the distances.

Talking about steps – As per Vastu, don’t ever make the steps in your house or office circular. That can affect your health. Have you counted the number of step risers in your staircase? Are they odd or even? Where to make steps for your office or home and more such questions, we can give you monochrome answers contact us today.


Chose to be Happy from henceforth…


If you work to gain happiness, then there is a possibility that you may not get happiness….. but, if you are jovial and cheerful at work then you will definitely get Happiness.

Happiness is a state of mind. You got to make the smart choice. Do you want to brood about the sad circumstances and your troublesome past…. or do you want to think positive and chose to be happy from now on wards…

Probably you want to achieve happiness and there is a strong possibility that these Vastu Product Accessories would help.

Life is like a Popcorn Kernel

Life is like a Popcorn

The Popcorn Kernel is small, hard, indigestible and seemingly worthless, but, put it in a pot and hold it over the fire and it will can be transformed before your eyes. Sometimes life’s pressures and problems do the same for you.

Optimism is not the result of blinding oneself to problems, but, of always believing that there would be a solution and things will change for the better.

Vastushastra can help to ease up the pressures and transform ordinary to extraordinary. You may want to benefit of our concept of Vastu.

Think Positive and face the challenges of life

Think Positive

Challenges in life come in three broad categories: Easy, Difficult and Impossible. Those who take on only the ‘Easy’ have a safe and boring life. Those who take on the ‘Difficult’ have a tough but satisfying life. Those who take on the ‘Impossible’ are remembered. Think Positive and face the challenges of life ! I’m sure you will emerge as a winner.